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  Chipping The Nintendo Wii
Posted by ronjeremy97 on Fri, July 2nd, 2010 at 08:47 - 1 Comments
ronjeremy97 United States

There are a few different ways you can go about chipping your Nintendo Wii-

1. Buy a pre-modded Nintendo Wii
You can buy pre-modded Nintendo Wii’s but they can be quite pricey and often 2-3x the cost of a standard Nintendo Wii. Buying a pre-modded Wii is certainly the least hassle but also the most expensive way of going about it. If you already own a Nintendo Wii then its pointless buying a pre-modded one.

Wii Modchip Installed2. Install A Wii Modchip
There are a range of modchips available on the market, and you must make sure you buy the right one for the specific hardware revision of your Wii. The main issue with installing a Nintendo Wii mod chip though is it will require precise soldering skills to install it.

3. Install A Soft Chip
The Softchip is a brand new method of chipping your Wii that has been released in the last few months. The Softchip is universal and will work with any Wii hardware revision and unlike the Wii modchip, can be installed by anyone without any previous experience or soldering skills.

As a seasoned mod chip installer, I personally have no problem with soldering a mod chip into any games console. I have years of experience chipping every console released since the Playstation 1. However the Softchip offers some sincere advantages over the traditional Nintendo Wii mod chip.

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retrohead United Kingdom

  Fri, July 2nd, 2010 at 09:36
Nice try at spam cleverly disguised as help. Thread locked.

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