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  Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Great fina... a great trilogy.
Posted by soliunasm on Sat, November 10th, 2007 at 14:49 - 2 Comments
soliunasm United States


Are you in touch with the Phazon?

I can't believe how wonderful this game was, and that it actually features people talking. That's what shocked me the most. I mean, the only game with mild interaction was Metroid: Fusion.


As continuing from Prime 2, Samus is currently infected with Phazon, and is trying to rid the universe of Phazon while the human hunters try to destroy all sources of Space Pirates.
In this game, you meet four new hunters(Which you can't play as) who are also aiding in destroying the Phazon and eradicating Leviathans, new Phazon beings in the game who spread Phazon over the universe by landing in Phazon filled Leviathan seeds which produce boss characters.
Dark Samus(Your Phazon alternate) is trying to stop you anyway she can from making distractions to possessing the other hunters.
Rating: 9/10


This game has an amazing engine and is very smooth and graphically amazing. Being that there are many new things in the game, makes it much better. There are also many new and interesting puzzles and amazing new things to scan, which I find really interesting. You learn more about what happened on each planets with the lore you find, and it is just great. I still think that they should have made the puzzles harder though, even a 3 year old could figure them out:/
Rating: 8/10


The only "Mini-game" is playing around with the buttons in your ship. Other than that, nothing really.
Rating: N.A./10


This game was executed really well, and got much attention as it should have. This game shows how the Wii can execute a great graphical game with tons of action without a slowdown.
The appeal is that everything is smooth as can be, there are many puzzles, and you finally get to find out what happens to Samus and the Phazon.
Rating: 8/10


A = Shoot/Charge, Plant Bombs(In Morphball)
B = Jump/DoubleJump, Screw attack(When obtained)
+ = Enter Hypermode
- = Change visors
D-Pad Down = Missles
C = Change into Morphball
Z = Lock on/Strafe
Nunchuk stick = Move
Wiimote = Aim

The controls were easy to manage and fast-paced so that you didn't lose  any time while fighting. The gravity seems a bit changed since the Gamecube versions so it will take some getting used to, but other than that, great layout.
Rating: 9/10


Great game no matter what your age level is, this game is a must-have for any collection and will be sure to bring you many hours of fun. The only thing I hated was you had to collect all those energy cells to get to the end of the game, it wasted a ton of time because you needed to go through a ton of crap and the same stages over and over. There were tons of brand new weapons and brand new monsters which made this game just amazing, not to mention the voice acting!

I give this game a rating of:


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Dark Knight ez Netherlands

  Mon, November 12th, 2007 at 18:12
it wasted a ton of time because you needed to go through a ton of crap and the same stages over and over

True. The only thing I´m disliking about this game is needing to go through the same levels again. There already were quite a few times I wished there was a "quick jump back to ship" option, but I realise all too well why it doesn´t exist.
The pros of this game by far outweigh the small hassles though. Great game. Wish it had multiplayer deathmatches, but alas.

Nice to read your opinion on the game in such a concise way.
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johnnyblame Albania

  Thu, October 29th, 2009 at 08:05
Thanks for this wonderful addition. Appreciate people taking the time to write quality work..

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