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 » Comment on: What Wii games make you get up an... stuff rather than just sitting?
manatarms United States

  Mon, November 2nd, 2009 at 16:34
There is this great game where you get off your couch, open your front door, and you can walk pretty much wherever you want.  The developers of this amazing game did a great job, the world is expansive and the graphics are great.  If you are feeling especially crazy, you can actually talk to other people playing the game at the same time as you.  It's very similar to WOW, except that if you try to cast a spell or ride a tiger, you might end up in some hot water.  Another great part about this 'walking' game is that it's FREE.  I play this game pretty much every day, I guess I'm totally addicted.  Yesterday my character met this other character who sold me a cheeseburger for just a dollar!  I can't believe how realistic some of these games have become. I hope you like the game if you try it, just watch out for the fast moving shiny metal objects with wheels while you're walking, they can hurt you.

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