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 » Comment on: Official Wii.DS-Scene Poll #2
Ursie Netherlands

  Sat, June 28th, 2008 at 19:00
I would really Love it. I am using de Offlinelist now for DS Games and I really Love it. With the FakeCollection plugin you don't really have to be to ROM on disk Available to offlinelist as well. But with a program like this you have always a list with the latest releases and also an inventory of what you have and what not.

I am using the list right now from Psykos for the Wii Game Collection. But this is not maintained anymore and because of the outdated. So an new revival of ds-scene for this list would be trendamous. So i really hope ds-scene wants the undertake this challange. I know for sure that when the offlinelist is a reallity that you would have a large user base who is gonna going to use it. As it is the ultimate tool to give you the true insight that you have the original release and not and altered ROM or a self created ROM.

I will keep my eyes on this poll as I really Hope this will be reality soon  :D

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