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  Some region converted Virtual Console ga...ome doesn't, why?
Posted by knighTeen87 on Fri, January 22nd, 2016 at 02:31 - 0 Comments
knighTeen87 Turkey

Hello there,

I tried to play some NTSC-J Virtual Console games on my Wii. I converted their region to "regionfree" with freethewads application. But now some of them work and some of them doesn't, even though they appear on my Wii menu.

For example, Nekketsu Soccer CD for PCE-CD works perfectly.

But some Famicom titles like Ninja Jajamaru or Super Famicom titles like Kirby's Bowl doesn't. Only a black screen appears and none of the button on my Wiimote works. It's so strange. Why?

By the I'm using a PAL Wii with component cables on a LCD TV.

I will be very happy if you can help me out on this!



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