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  Family Ski Review - By me - slickrikki
Posted by slickrikki on Sun, June 22nd, 2008 at 00:45 - 1 Comments
slickrikki United Kingdom

Family Ski is the latest wii game produced by the Namco Bandai group and has had alot of media coverage on the TV especially in the UK where it has featured in a number of Nintendo Wii commercials. So, i geuss your all wondering does this game live up to the coverage? In a nutshell, yes.

Family Ski allows players to use their own mii's or use computer made players. Players can freestyle, mogul, race and slalom there way accross vast sections of a large map. Unfortunately the game does have a limited amount of tricks a player can perform.

Family Ski uses the wii balance board making the board more useful then ever as players move their bodies and the players change position as they rocket down the snowy slopes. There are a number of side quests a player can do to unlock ski equipment to make them look better.

The game incorporates other hobbies too, such as orienteering in which players are given clues and told to find people in places. This truly left me in a mystery trying to find one person on such a big map with a clue i couldn't use head to toe.

Family Ski features good audio and video, solid gameplay and hours of family fun. It is a unique style and Namco Bandai haven't wasted opportunities to cram in maximum extras into this game. I think this could possibly be one of the best sports games on wii of 2008

Good Graphics and Sounds
Decent, active, solid gameplay
Generally good excersise, pumping your arms can really build upper body strength
Fun for all the family

Can be annoying if the rider stops on a slope, crashing is annoying
Limited tricklist

Overall, a decent game that looks to fly off the shelves, recommended for all ages!

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rosetaylor01 Ukraine

  Thu, September 10th, 2009 at 10:46

Thank you for your such an amazing information
Yet I never played this game but after reading your post I am really eager to play it...
Keep giving this kind of information on new games because I love to play games....

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