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  Super Paper Mario - Great success for th...r Mario series :D
Posted by soliunasm on Sat, November 3rd, 2007 at 11:49 - 1 Comments
soliunasm United States

Watching the Maplestory anime while typing this xD

Paper Mario with a twist...

Unlike it's Paper Mario counterparts, Super Paper Mario does not revolve around RPG battles anymore. It's now an action game with RPG elements.


In light of a recent kidnapping of Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi head to King Bowser's castle to retrieve her, only to find that Bowser wasn't responsible for it. It is then revealed that the true kidnapper is Count Bleck, a dastardly sorcerer who wields an ancient, prophetical tome called the Dark Prognosticus. In addition to Princess Peach, he kidnaps Luigi and Bowser, along with all of Bowser's army. The evil Count then employs the hypnotic powers of his right-hand woman, Nastasia, and forces the marriage of Princess Peach to Bowser in order to, as the Dark Prognosticus foretells, unleash a destructive power known as the Chaos Heart. Count Bleck uses the Chaos Heart to open an interdimensional rift known as "The Void", which will eventually grow large enough to engulf the entire universe.
Mario meets a Pixl, a type of fairy, named Tippi, who has come in search of Mario for he matches the Hero, described in another occult book called the Light Prognosticus, who is able to halt the impeding doom of The Void. In order to banish the Chaos Heart and reverse the destruction, the Hero requires the eight Pure Hearts, artifacts created from genuine love. Mario then sets out on his quest with Tippi at his side, as well as the other three Heroes (Peach, Luigi, and, in a fit of ironic oddity, Bowser), to gather the Pure Hearts and stop Count Bleck and his minions from obliterating all existence.
(Credits Wikipedia)
Rating: 8/10


The flipping between 2-D and 3-D makes the exploring much more fun, and the puzzles a lot harder. The fact that you can get "Helpers"(Pixls) just like the other Paper Mario's makes the experience and puzzle solving a lot funner, and easier. There is a new leveling system, which revolves around your Score. The amount your score is, the more levels you are. There are many things to do in Super Paper Mario, such as collecting cards(Which also makes you damage 2x more on the monster if you have their card), cooking(96 recipes which are quite good for money), and the returning Arcade which is a lot different but much more fun.
Rating: 8/10


When you unlock the arcade, you start off with three video games,each requiring 10 Flipside tokens(Bought from The InterNed).
First is this Boo shooting game, which is more or less a shooting gallery. You can get power ups which makes you rapid fire, freeze Boos temporarily, or gain a life. There are many challenging factors as you get many Boos, Pink Boos which dash to your screen, and gigantic Boos which take many fires to kill.
Second is a Tilting island game, where you must collect Food(Peaches, Parfaits, Orange Juice' and more) in order to pass on, meanwhile, you are getting bombarded by enemies. You can get power ups, like Flower which lets you destroy enemies for a certain period of time, Starman which kills all enemies on screen, and Mushroom which makes you gain a life.
Finally is a memory game. Cards flash on the screen, memorize where they are, then pick. Sometimes, cards spew out extras, like Starman which lets you view all cards again, or Mushroom which clears an error.
After you go to Flopside, you can get a Gold Membership card which opens up the fourth an final game(Costs 20 Flipside tokens to play), where you smash down on soccer shells with a hammer. You basically just hit until you die. I haven't gotten any power ups  yet.
Rating: 8/10


The appeal for this game consists of two aspects.
One, the 2-D to 3-D is brilliant and allows for more exploring and fun, because you get to pass through things you shouldn't be passing.
Second, the Action-RPG element of the game is really awesome, and deserves its glory. The score bar allows your attack or HP to go up, which makes it very important that you level. You get points by killing enemies, comboing attacks and doing stylish moves(Involves waving the Wii bar) which in turn levels you.
I also like that they added that Pit of 100 Trials, but I wish the monsters wouldn't rape you or be in small corners, because when you get to the boss, you'll pretty much have only 2-3 recovery items left. It's a great challenge though.
Rating: 9/10


(Controller is turned sideways)
D-Pad = Move
D-Pad Down =
Bowser: Flame
Peach: Block
Luigi: Super Jump
A = Flip(Mario only) from 2-D to 3-D and back.
1 = Use Pixl
2 = Jump, Hover(Peach only)
Point remote at screen = Use Tippi/Tippitron

Control pad is extremely simple and easy to learn, the D-pad might eat at your thumbs after a while though.
Rating: 7.5/10


This game has great controls, Action-RPG system, monsters, game system, Pixl's, characters and best of all, a great storyline. Any Wii user should get this game, even though it's not an RPG, but still is a great addition to the Wii family and Super Mario family.

I give this game a rating of:


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johnnyblame Albania

  Thu, October 29th, 2009 at 08:05
Hello all...

It was really nice thread about gaming i really like Super Paper Mario
thanks for share with us..

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