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 » Comment on: Injectuwad 2.3
GladForTears United States

  Mon, May 12th, 2008 at 04:47
Auto Injectuwad Injector v3 by NightStalKeR and creffca

v3 Released: 5/11/08 at 1:00am eastern

-Genesis mode added (non-interleaved)
-Injectuwad no longer needs WadTool/BannerTool
-Injectuwad uses new wad packer/unpacker
-New output .wad name
-New visual improvements to Auto Injectuwad Injector

Me and creffca are still working together to give you guys the best Wii Rom Injector ever!
Can inject into NES, SNES, N64,Genesis, and Turbo Gfx 16 VC titles automatically!

Download Here: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=85521

Instructions: Have everything in the same folder. After clicking start let the program do it's thing and don't use your mouse or keyboard.

-common-key.bin in the same folder.
-VB runtime files, if you don't have them already: http://www.singlechips.com/download/vbrun60sp6.exe
-.net runtime files, if you don't have them already: http://faux.uwcs.co.uk/vcredist/vcredist_x86.exe

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